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             Shanghai Teni Transmission Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd. gears itself to the demand from client’s need. Now we work as a special agent for ABB motor, ABB converter, Siemens converter, Siemens motor, and other brand motors and electronic elements including Fuji, MITSUBISHI, and TE. We are in a position to back clients up all the way.

          Our gear speed reducer can be equipped with ABB motor of different models according to client’s requirements that will promise you the reliable transmission motivation. Client’s orders and enquires are welcome.


      Headquarters of the new plant plans

      Office building perspective


      Processing equipment


      Gear Measurement Center

      Test Bench

      Coordinate Measuring Machining


      Gear Shaping Machine

      CNC Gantry Drilling Machine

      Large-scale Gear Grinding Machine


      Machining Center

      Gear Grinding Machine

      Gear Grinding Machine

        Tel: 0086-573-85987570 Fax: 0086-573-85986870 E_mail:shteni@126.com 網站備案號:滬ICP備19029319號
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